Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inez vs. The Snowbeast

Walruses would make super awesome sidekicks.

Please Feed the Lion

In Drawing for Animation class we had the assignment of drawing an Urban Vinyl toy with the theme of "Disturbed circus" I love lions, so I came up with this.

We later had to give the Disturbed Circus toys a Soviet theme. So, I gave my lion an American to chew on* and a Warning sign to fellow Soviets. (The sign, the Russian bits anyway, according to Google Translate supposedly says "Stay Away" I do not know how correct that is)

*This does not mean I want America to be figuratively eaten by communism or anything. America is a swell country And I'm sure Russia is a lovely place too.

Imaginary Friend

For this Imaginary friend assignment in my Drawing for Animation class. I liked the woods a lot.

Ants are Really Strong.

This is an assignment I did in Maya at the end of my first semester in the Animation Program- December 2010. I learned a lot from doing it.