Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Drawings. Hooray!

I realized I've seriously been neglecting this blog. I'll be better I swear! Here are some drawings I've done fairly recently.
Dirty Diana: 
Would you believe I drew this before I read the Hunger Games? Drew this in November or December probably as part of an assignment where we were supposed to design a hero. I am a bit of a fan of the Roman goddess Diana (aka Artemis in the Greek legends, Goddess of the hunt, and moon) So I decided to turn her into a Superhero. I called her Dirty Diana because of the Michael Jackson song. In hindsight that's kind of a misnomer since Diana in the legends is a pure lady. Oh well. 

I happen to struggle greatly with drawing 'scary' things so I was instructed to emulate Michel Gagné's style. This is what I came up with.

Ugly sketchbook scan of another superheroine. Loosely based off of a halloween costume I sported when I was in high school. I have a thing for archery I guess. 

And Dr. House. 

Thats all for now Folks! Stay tuned. I'll be uploading more drawings soon!