Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birds and other Sketches

In a previous post, I mentioned how I was modeling a bird in maya, well here are some of the sketches that led to that...
This was my first sketch for the bird. I've been looking a lot at Brittney Lee's artwork and decided to try and make a bird in her style. Later on, I decided to take my water brush pens for a spin and I painted him with a little watercolor palette I had laying around.
I then figured that first one, although he is cute, is way too planar and flat to try and model in maya. So I looked up some photos of some lovebirds and based this guy off of them. I watercolored this during church, and I accidentally squeezed out way too much water from my water brush pen, and the red smeared everywhere, and, since I was at church the most absorbent thing I had was a program, and those aren't super absorbent, so I rubbed it into the page outside the lines. Oops. I could clean it up in photoshop but I don't feel like it right now... Moral of the Story: Don't watercolor in church when you should be listening to the testimonies.

And this is me just trying to figure out what birds look like from the front. I was really inspired by the upcoming movie Rio for all this.

And here are some other sketches for good measure
And here's a pine tree I drew and liked

And here is a girl with a sweet fro that I drew after I drew the headband girl which is why she's floating there.

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